Be Proud of Yourself


The other day I was reunited with a good friend of mine who arrived back in Ireland after living and working in Canada for two years. We always kept in contact and she was a consistent reader and supporter of the Irish Student blog. We met up and and celebrated that she was back home! We were chatting away and I was telling her what I have been up too and she asked me a question; “Are you proud of yourself and all you have achieved?” This question really caught me by surprise because I am always planning my next goals, once current goals are achieved so when this question was thrown at me I was taken aback and took a few minutes to think of what I have achieved and you know what I am Proud!

This time last year, I was graduating from my undergraduate degree in UCD. For those of you who don’t know my story I will give you a brief summary. After the leaving certificate I didn’t have a breeze what I wanted to do (Who does really?) and I got accepted in to Business and Spanish and also Arts in UCD; My dad convinced me to do Arts because he works in the business sector and said that I can do anything after Arts and it is a good generic degree and he thought it would be best for me; (Thank you dad! You were right!).  I won’t bore you with a long blog so here is a timeline

Be proud of yourself

My back garden for a few months


I Started in UCD studying Sociology, Spanish and Psychology. You always start with three subjects in first year and then take two in second year. I really enjoyed college life and joined loads of societies and clubs! (Highly recommend doing this)


Unfortunately my Nanny, who I was very close to passed away and I was absolutely distraught and it hit the family hard and really showed me how short life can be so I decided to take a break from college and do a season in the alps as a ski rep. This was a fantastic few months and I really matured and got to travel around the Alps. Christmas can be a horrific time after the loss of a close friend or family member so my family and I decided to celebrate Christmas in Egypt! From the Alps to Egypt! During my time travelling  I developed a love for digital and communications so I really began to rethink my choice of subjects in UCD. After many discussions and meetings I switched from Spanish to Information studies. So I decided to do a joint major in Sociology and Information Studies.


So back to college I went ready to go and do my family proud (As cheesy as that sounds). The season in the Alps did me the world of good and I was ready to focus on my studies and get my degree. Switching to Information studies was the BEST thing I did! I got a great insight in to information behaviour, digital marketing, HTML and CSS and information architecture this combined with my Sociology major went hand in hand and was fantastic. I absolutely loved studying and as a result got good grades.

Summer 2015

My Final year results came out and I was delighted to recieve fantastic grades and would be graduating with a 2.1., This was a huge moment for my family as I was the first person to go to third level education and to have a degree. Now I had my degree, the question was what to do next?  Everyone was doing masters but I decided I wanted to take a different route and get a job in Marketing and study part time. The best of both worlds, gaining experience and getting a qualification.

September 2015

What a month September was! I graduated from UCD which was such an amazing day and the same month I started studying in NCIRL part time to get a diploma in digital marketing and in the same month I also started a job in BFree Foods doing their digital marketing.

September 2015- May 2016

For a full nine months I worked by day and studied by night and boy was it hard! After a long day of work the last thing you want to do is attend lectures but I had to think about the bigger picture. It is so worth it, hard work pays off so keep at it!

Fast forward to today! 

So lets fast forward to today. Today I am graduating from my Digital Marketing Course, I have a fantastic job with BFree and the last year has been a whirl wind of travelling, blogging and conquering goals. To top it all off I got accepted in to the MSc. in Marketing Practice in Smurfit and will be starting in February, so it is all go here but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I decided to write this post for two reason, firstly to say be proud of yourself and secondly I certainly did not take a straight forward route to where I am today, but I still got to where I wanted to be and enjoyed every bit of it along the way! Those you are doing the leaving certificate don’t panic, there are so many routes and back doors to everything so just remember enjoy whatever pathway you take and BE PROUD OF YOURSELF!

Time to go graduate, Wish me Luck!




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