Finding that Perfect Job During College


Trying to find a job during university can be mayhem, everyone else in the same boat and looking for that perfect job that can suit their college timetable. Here are some of the perfect positions to apply for which usually allow flexitime which works for college students.

Retail jobs
Retail jobs are perfect for students as they generally have alternating staff shirts allowing college students to work in the evenings and/or weekends. Lets not forget that delicious discount retail jobs normally offer their staff.

Promotional work
Signing up to do promotional work can have its perks, it usually pays extremely well plus the events an often be extremely fun. This is a perfect part time job for anyone who is considering a career in marketing or business.

Apply for an internship
It is never too early to start gaining experience in your career field. Apply for an internship position to begin gaining experience for your CV. Experience is everything and will stand to you when it comes to getting that dream job!

Bar and Restaurant work
Working in a bar or restaurant is perfect for students with the late nights and flexible working hours. Who knows, they may even provide you with a meal or two? That’s not to mention the tips you may get?

Searching for jobs
When I was searching for Jobs I always used which was extremely easy to use. I do recommend looking at shopping centre websites and also contacting businesses directly


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