Conquering College


Attending University is a huge change from secondary school and can seem extremely intimidating to many. People always say “Your college years are the best years of your life” , this is so true but it is really what you make of it. Here are some Top Tips to surviving first year at college.

Take a campus tour

During Fresher’s week tours of campus are given- make the time to do one of these tours so you know you way around Campus. Don’t forget to find out which buildings you will be mainly in. Taking the tour will also ensure you know exactly where the student bar is located.

Don’t miss the first week of Class

The first class of each module is extremely important and is one not to miss, during the first class your lecturer’s will discuss what will be covered, key learning objectives and of course the assessments. Attending this week will allow you to see who else is in your class/course and make some friends.

Join Clubs and Societies

Universities have many clubs and societies so make sure you get down during Freshers week and sign up for a few clubs and societies. Joining Clubs and Societies is a great way to make friends with similar interests to yourself.

Stay on top of your work

The college experience is extremely fun but let’s not forget you are in college to get your degree to help you get that dream job so don’t forget to stay on top of your work and pass those classes.

Have Fun!


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