Christmas exams are looming


With reading week been and gone, its time to start making a study timetable to ace those Christmas exams. Avoid unnecessary stress with these top tips.

Attend your classes
Over the next few weeks your lecturer’s may begin to give tips on what to expect in your exams so make sure you are there to get all the tips and advice. Attending class will allow you to ask questions and understand the topics that will be on the exam. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, if you don’t understand it I am sure there are others in the same boat.

Make a timetable 
Creating a study timetable will allow you to finish off those assignments as well as getting some valuable study time. Having structure and a proper plan in place will ensure you are spending your time wisely.

Start now
Don’t keep putting it off until tomorrow or next week. Take an hour out of your day today, grab a coffee in Starbucks or just hit the local library and spend some time making a timetable and a to do list to get you on track for those Christmas exams.

Don’t forget to take a break
Having a solid study plan in place is essential but don’t forget to schedule your breaks and you time.

Look at Past Papers
Get your hands on previous exam papers and practice some of these. Use these are practice only and don’t learn off any answers. Papers change so study a wide range of the course to get you through that paper.

Last but not least- Don’t Panic 
College exams can be extremely daunting but remember not to panic, stay calm and try your best


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