Conquering that workload during reading week


With reading week fast approaching its time to make a plan and finally conquer all those assignments and readings that are due soon!Making a plan will allow you to get a bulk of your work done while also still being able to enjoy a lie in and a few nights out! Here are some top tips for managing your workload.

Make a list and prioritise
Make a list of all the assignments you have due and rank this in order of priority so you at least know where to begin! This way you can begin to tick assignments off your list.

Switch off your phone and log out of social media
It is way too easy to log in to Facebook or Instagram for a quick browse? Only a quick browse quickly becomes an hour- and before you know it you have wasted a lot of valuable time on social media. Put anything distracting away and force yourself to focus for an hour, after an hour take a few minutes break and then start again. Each hour, decide what you want to achieve- time limits are a great way to get tasks done.

Make plans
Make sure you have a balance during reading week and make some exciting plans with your friends. This way you have events to look forward to which will make getting through that workload much easier.

Talk to your lecturer’s and tutors
Reading week is the perfect time to utilise office hours and get some advice on that assignment you are struggling with or even that module you just can’t grasp. Don’t be afraid to ask your lecturer’s for help, that is what they are there for.

Best of Luck!


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