Packing essentials for a weekend getaway in Ireland


The October Bank Holiday weekend is fast approaching which means a weekend getaways around Ireland or abroad. I love travelling but when it is within Ireland I always make sure to pack Warm clothes without over packing! (Anyone else guilty of over packing?! I Sure am)

I always like to bring a backpack with me when i am travelling around Ireland, it allows you to dump all your stuff in and head off out for the day without having to drag a suitcase around behind you. Having a backpack allows you to pack food and snacks for your journey! (Saves you paying through the roof in tourist locations)

My converse come everywhere with me, they are super comfy and look good with a pair of jeans. Make sure to pack a pair of comfy shoes, nothing worse than sore feet to ruin your day.

Casual Clothes
Make sure to pack some comfortable casual clothes that you can drop on for during the day for exploring and running around the cities.

Dressier Clothes
Don’t forget to pack some dressier clothes for the evening. Something smart but yet still warm for that evening stroll and bite to eat in the City.

Beauty Essentials
This is one thing I will never forget my make up bag and toiletries. So make sure to pack those essentials to get you through the weekend.


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