Student Discount 101


College is often described as the best years of your life full of parties and the odd bit of studying here and there. People don’t often tell you that during your college years you will be broke. Depending on your college course you may be able to work a few hours here and there part time so when it comes to saving an extra few quid I certainly always jumped at the opportunity.


I eventually learnt to have ZERO shame and ask, “Do you have student discount” and sure, the worst they can say is No! The majority of shops do have some sort of student discount so always ask you never know where you will save a few bob which can be spent on a night out or those college books you really need 😜

Secondly, I always find stores give a larger discount if you shop online. For example with Lifestyle Sports they offer a 10% discount in store and 15% online. (I am an expert at the student discounts now so any questions do ask).

Lastly, I firmly believe if you ask, you may get! The kind people at Meaghers pharmacy have given me a discount code to share with you all. You will get 10% off if you use the code IRISHSTUDENT which is so kind of them. They have such great bargains online and do a wide range of great gifts so I am certainly going to buy some Christmas presents online atΒ Meaghers.

What are your favourite discounts? Share in the comments below!



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