Time to Chill! Friday night in


It’s a Friday night and I am currently tucked up in bed writing this blog post! Such a busy few weeks so it is definitely time to treat myself with a chilled night in! Every couple of week’s I love to stay in and relax. Here are some top tips to getting the most out of your Friday night in-

Treat yourself
So it still is a Friday night so this evening I decided to treat myself and grab a FulFil bar, if you haven’t tried these YOU NEED TO! They are super delicious- these are protein bars and each bar has 20g of protein, I am trying to eat healthy so these are a treat for me. One of these and a cup of tea and you definitely feel like it is a naughty treat.

Grab those PJ’s and dressing gown

If I am having a chill evening the minute I get in the door I jump in the shower and get straight into those PJ’s, slippers and dressing gown! After a hot shower I feel so relaxed and throw those work clothes straight in the wash and won’t worry about them again until Monday!

Beautify yourself
After a hot streamy shower I will definitely throw on a hydrating face mask to rehydrate my skin- it is also super relaxing.

Grab a cup of tea and chill out!
While the face mask is soaking in to my skin I will make a cup of tea, grab my fulfil bar and sit down and watch something on Netflix for a while and just take it easy, catch up and social media or like today write some blogs.

Tan time
This evening Β I am relaxing and having a chill evening but tomorrow I am heading on a road trip which means I have to do my tan tonight! I will put on some tan before I head to sleep. If I wasn’t going away tomorrow I would most definitely leave the tan until the morning!

Happy FRI-YAY! Enjoy the weekend and don’t forget to follow The Irish Student on social to stay up to date with all my latest adventures.

Instagram: @Irishstudent
Twitter: @Irish_student


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