Top Five Places to Brunch South Side of The Liffey


Want to get brunch? A common phrase we hear today! If you haven’t brunched in one of these places you are seriously missing out. Weather it is a Saturday or Sunday these places are always packed so ensure you book in advance if you have a group. Nothing beats a relaxed morning brunch and a good aul gossip, who’s with me?

I am an absolute huge fan of brunch! For those of you who know me you will know I have on-going health issues so brunch is like a night out to me! ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Who needs an excuse to brunch? Perfect for a family occasion, a girly catch up or even dragging your other half along.

These are some places I love to go and are in no particular order

Angelina’s is located just off Baggot Street on Percy Place. An ideal spot for brunch, lunch, evening cocktails or dinner. There is always a fantastic atmosphere and the staff are extremely friendly and accommodating. Angelina’s have a full bar so why not have a glass of bubbles with your brunch? Or if you are just there for some good food they have everything from pancakes to healthy porridge so something for everyone.  See Menu here.

If you are planning to head for a spot of shopping after your brunch Balfes is in the ideal location, being situated just off Grafton Street, beside the Westbury. Again they have a lovely menu from delicious pastries to some healthy poached eggs. Have a delicious brunch and then hit the shops. I will definitely be hitting Balfes prior to my Christmas shopping! See Menu here.

An extremely trendy spot to have brunch. Since the opening of the Dean Hotel, Sophies has become a popular place for brunch, dinner and even a night out. Look out at the beautiful views of Dublin while enjoying your brunch. Who wouldn’t love this? A very popular spot so do book to avoid disappointment. See Menu here.

Cinnamon, Ranelagh
Cinnamon Ranelagh is one of my favourite spots to go too if I don’t want to venture in town! Extremely close to my house plus there is usually lots of on street parking but is also easily accessible by the Luas and the 11 Bus Route. If I am craving pancakes this is where I go! Topped with strawberries and Nutella, they are delicious. Do prepare yourself for some ques as it is a popular spot for brunch. See Menu here

The Greenery, Donnybrook. 
For months on end I would walk past the Greenery and always think how cute it looks tucked away in the heart of Donnybrook. Perfect to grab some brunch and go for a nice stroll around Herbert Park on a relaxing Sunday Morning. See Menu here,

If you have any recommendations for great places to grab brunch do let me know!


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