Travelling on a budget


Are you a student or just looking to go on holidays but have a tight budget- not too worry, we have all been there and with some strategic planning it is completely possible to have a great time! Check out these top tips for traveling on a budget:

  • Plan in advance what activities you want to do: If your budget is extremely tight you may want to prioritiseย which activities to spend your money on. Once you have made your plan you can add up the total amount you will need for these.
  • Set yourself a daily budget: Give yourself a daily budget to include breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks for each day, multiple this by the number of days you will be away.
  • Plan for extra costs: Make sure you have a bit of extra cash or a credit card in case of emergency. While we like to think Emergencies won’t happen to us, it is always best to prepare.
  • Check the exchange rate: Exchange rates often fluctuate so be away of this when choosing your destination.

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