Travelling to Northern Ireland: What I did


A few weeks ago myself and Darren took a trip up North. We had planned this trip a few months ago because we both really wanted to visit the Giants Causeway and also visit the Titanic Museum. The last time I was in Belfast was about six or seven years ago so I was dying to return. We decided two days was enough to visit both the Titanic Museum and the Giants Causeway but I always find when I am away I wish I had more time.

The Titanic Museum

As I was planning our trip to Belfast multiple people were telling me “you have to go to the Titanic Museum” so of course, we decided it was a must-do on our list. I was so excited about visiting this Museum after all the great things we had heard. Unfortunately, we were extremely disappointed. When we arrived it seemed quiet enough but as soon as you got into the Museum area, which is a self-guided tour, it was jammers. You couldn’t see or get close to any of the signs to read about the history. Parents with prams, children running everywhere and no matter where you turned you were dodging people, it was impossible to enjoy it as I couldn’t read a thing. That said, it was a Saturday so I think I would go back during an off-peak period and give it another go.

The Giants CausewayΒ 

Another must see on the bucket list. I am so ashamed to say as an Irish person I had not visited the Giants Causeway before now. It definitely is a must see. The Giants Causeway is an area full of interlocking basalt columns. It really is beautiful and very cool to see in person rather than the multiple pictures you see online. Definitely try check the weather because it is much more enjoyable on a dry day πŸ™‚


Spot of ShoppingΒ 

When I visit a few city or country I love to just walk around and explore, I always find it the best way to stumble across cool funky coffee shops and of course some nice shops. This time in Belfast that is exactly what happened. We stumbled across Topshop, Topman, Fossil, Kiko and H&M and I was in heaven. The exchange rate was quite good when we were there so I did end up buying most of the store in KIKO which we don’t have here in the republic πŸ™‚ I would definitely return to Belfast for some shopping and a weekend away, it really is a lovely city.

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