Travelling to NYC on a budget


Dying to visit the Big Apple or extremely eager to return but worried about the expense? Don’t worry here are my top tips for visiting New York on a budget!

Getting there

Getting to New York from Ireland can be pretty pricey. However if you book in advance you can often find great deals. I highly recommend using Sky Scanner. Sky scanner will give you the best deals and prices on flights. American Airlines generally often reasonably prices from Dublin- NYC JFK.


Finding reasonable accommodation in NYC can often be tricky but like the flights if you book in advance you can often save yourself a lot of money. Using AirBnb is also an option to save a few quid. Airbnb gives you the option to rent a room or the entire place

Getting Around
New York City is set up with Streets and Blocks so it is extremely easy to navigate your way around. NYC is a lovely city to walk around but the subway is extremely easy to use if you don’t feel like walking. Download UBER before arriving in New York in case you need a car ride. UBER is way cheaper than taxis.
Top Tip: New York traffic is crazy so walk or take the subway where possible to save time.

Getting to/from JFK to Manhattan
John F. Kennedy airport is a fair journey outside manhattan and has various modes of transport to get you in to Manhattan. You can get a taxi, this may cost you about $80-$100, you could also prebook a Town Car which will set you back $60-$100. If you book this in advance you will get it for $60, this is a great way to get from JFK to Manhattan as this fair is capped unlike a taxi fair. You can also take a train in to the city. 


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