Visiting the Giants Causeway


It is a Bank Holiday Monday and I am not long in the door after a lovely weekend away with Darren. We left Dublin on Saturday morning and made our way up North. We had planned to visit Belfast and also do the Giants Causeway while we were up that way. We had never been to the Giants Causeway before so here are my top tips if you are planning a visit to the Giants Causeway!

Wear/Bring warm clothes 
Pack some warm clothes as it can get chilly down by the sea and rocks. I was so thankful I packed a hat and scarf to keep me warm while exploring. We were also extremely lucky with the weather but I do advise to check the weather forecast (Not that we can believe it) and also bring a rain jacket of some sort.

When you arrive at the Giants Causeway there is a car park beside the visitors centre which is free I was told however if this is full there is another carpark beside the railway station which is £6!

After parking in the railway station, we walked up to the Causeway entrance and multiple signs were pointing us towards the ticket centre so naturally, we went in to get tickets. To visit the Giants Causeway and walk around is actually FREE, however, if you want a guided tour you can purchase tickets for this

Arrive early if possible
Like all tourist attractions they tend to get busy! If you want to avoid large amounts of people I would recommend heading to the Giants Causeway early. We arrived there at about noon and it wasn’t overly busy.

Bring Food/Snacks
If you are like me and hate being ripped off I would definitely recommend bringing some snacks and your own drinks! We stopped by an ASDA and picked up some snacks for the car. Around the Causeway, there is a cafe in the visitors centre and a few hotels. Naturally, these are going to be more expensive because you are in a tourist area so be smart and bring something to keep you going if you are looking to save some money.

Wear comfortable shoes
Thank God I wore converse the day we visited the Giants Causeway as it is a bit of a walk, downhill on the way down and a bit of a steep walk back up to the car park so do make sure to wear some comfortable shoes! If you are going to be climbing on the rocks you will be thankful for those comfy shoes!




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