Graduation Style On A Budget


On Friday many of you will know from my Snapchat/Instagram and of course my blog that I graduated! If you missed that blog check it out here. Here at the Irish Student we are huge fans of doing everything on a budget, who needs a 500euro dress? So I set myself a goal to get my graduation outfit for under 100euro which to be honest I thought I would struggle with, the hardest part was finding a dress I loved and of course wasn’t boring.

The Dress

oassi dresss.jpg
Picture credit: Oasis


This beautiful lace skater teal dress is from Oasis. I am a huge fan of Oasis because their clothes are such great quality but also because they offer a 10% student discount which is really helpful when you are looking to save a few quid. See more fab dresses here

The Coat


This coat I actually found by chance in Penney’s. Good aul reliable Penney’s. I nipped in to pick up some tights to go with my dress and saw this rusty looking coat for 25euro so of course decided to try it on and it was like a glove, the fit was perfect and was so nice so of course I had to buy it. At the time I wasn’t even thinking about it for the graduation but more for a nice work coat but when I got home and tried it on with the dress the colours went so well together so of course I did end up wearing it.


For this graduation I didn’t end up buying new shoes. I had such a nice pair of Cavela heels that I got in the sale last year for 70euro (ABSOLUTE BARGAIN FOR CARVELA) so I decided to wear these with the dress. Everyone needs a staple pair of black heels in their wardrobe so I definitely recommend investing in a good pair.

Did I manage to get an outfit under a 100euro?

Dress- 56.70 (including student discount)

Coat- 25euro

Tights- 3 euro

Total Cost- 84.70

You see me robin’



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