Where too next?



Happy Wednesday guys! I am living for the weekend more than ever this week because I am sick, I am absolutely dying with a sore throat so fingers crossed it isn’t a throat infection!

The other day I got such lovely messages from people saying how much they love The Irish Student and love all the great tips about travelling on a budget and things to do and where to get student discounts but they also asked where am I travelling to next? Those of you who know me will know I am ALWAYS planning a trip. So currently I am working on my January trip but I do have a few other trips coming up.



So this Monday I will be heading over to London for a few days to visit a good friend of mine. I usually travel to the U.K for work so it is such a luxury to be travelling for pleasure. My friend lives in Convent Gardens so if you have any recommendations of things to do or places to eat please let me know!



In December I will be heading away for a long weekend to Munich and also to Salzburg with my lovely Auntie. These are both places I have never been to so am so excited. Each year I go to the Christmas Markets in Germany, usually Berlin as this is one of my favourite cities in Europe. This year, I decided to mix it up a bit and will visit Munich and Salzburg instead.



For New Year’s I will be ticking another place off the bucket list! Can anyone guess where? AMSTERDAM! Myself and my boyfriend will be ringing in the New Year in Amsterdam. Neither of us have been there before so if you have any suggestions please please let me know. I have already been told to do Anne Frank’s house, The Heineken Museum and the Red Light District so these are definitely on my too do list.

I currently have no trips planned for 2017 so if you have recommendations for where I should go next do let me know!




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