Packing essentials for my next trip


Tomorrow afternoon I will heading over to London for a few days to visit a friend of mine who is living over there! I am so excited. When it comes to a quick trip I only travel with Hand Luggage which means I need to be so careful I don’t over pack! I nipped in to Penney’s and Lidl yesterday to pick up some essential items to bring with me.



Definitely an essential item for any trip! The past few days I have been so sick with Tonsillitis so decided to treat myself to a fresh germ free pair of PJ’s for my trip. These are so cute- they come as a set! There are so many designs to pick from but I loved these. You can get them in Penney’s and they only cost 9euro. BARGAIN.



This is a must on my list! I never travel anywhere without my camera. You never know when you will want to capture something on camera so I always ensure I have my camera, SD card and charger! I bought this camera last summer and absolutely love it! Its a Sony A5000 and a perfect compact camera for on the go!



Travelling with hand luggage definitely limits you on the toiletries front. I always found the travel mini’s in Boots so expensive but recently Lidl have started doing travel minis and they are such good value. I do often nip in to Lidl and pick up toothpaste, mouth wash, deodorant and hand sanitiser! Shampoo and conditioner I will always pick up wherever I am travelling to to save on room in my bag!

Passport and train ticketsΒ 

Tomorrow I will be landing in Gatwick so I will of course need my passport but then I will be getting the Gatwick express straight in to Victoria so I will print my tickets for this! I also have an Oyster card which is so handy for getting the tube in London and would highly recommend it. The Oyster card works like the leap card you just top it up and go!

My trip to London is short and Sweet but I am so excited to see my friend and catch up! Better go pack and check in online πŸ™‚

Irish student



4 thoughts on “Packing essentials for my next trip

  1. I’m also an hand luggage traveller only kinda girl but i always find myself having to run into the €2 shop in town every time i travel because I always forget to get mini travel sized toiletries! And also just a pretender at being organized. But I’m glad to know lidl do them as I’m due a trip soon πŸ˜‰


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