Flat Iron Steak: London

Last week I took a trip to London to visit a friend of mine who is studying over there. I was dying to try some new restaurants and cafes while I was there. My friend lives in Covent Garden, which is a quite expensive part of London so it really was a challenge to find some affordable food; until we found Flat Iron. We looked at the menu and it seemed very busy inside, always a good sign so we ventured in to look for a table, Along with about 20 others it seemed. The hostess said minimum an hour wait! (GULP!) We were both starving so decided to head somewhere else and would try Flat Iron the next day, which is exactly what, we did. We had tickets to see a show, which started at 7:30pm, so wanted an early dinner. We arrived at Flat Iron at 5:30 and had no issue getting a table, still busy but plenty of tables.




As you can guess from the name Flat Iron Steak is a steak house with a difference, they only serve one type of steak; Flat Iron Steak. At our table, we were given a little cup of popcorn rather than bread! Such a nice touch and so difference. Flat Iron Steak is a steak house so of course you have a steak knife, however, in Flat Iron you have a meat cleaver which was so different and clever from their end! A steak in Covent Gardens would usually set you back 30-40 pounds but not in Flat Iron, the steak is 10pounds and then whatever sides you order. We both ordered some fries and creamed spinach, which was DIVINE. The whole bill came to 25 pounds each including the tip. As we were leaving the waiter said on your way out don’t forget the ice-cream and we were both like what? We didn’t other Ice-cream. In flat iron on your way out you get a complimentary ice-cream cone from the ice-cream bar  which I completely missed on my way in. The flavour of the day was salted caramel ice-cream which dark chocolate shavings on top! So not only do you get popcorn and ice-cream you will get a delicious tender flat iron steak and the bill will only be 25 pounds! Highly recommend you check it out if you are in London and looking for a cheap but delicious meal!

Check out Flat Iron Steak here



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