London: Seeing a show

Recently I took a trip over to London to visit my friend. Normally when I go to London or New York I spend so much time trying to convince my boyfriend to see a show with me! (He isn’t a fan of the theatre). This time I didn’t need to convince anyone, Michaela was 100% up for seeing a show with me. As you all know I am on a budget because I am returning to college in February to do a Masters so we decided to try one of these half prices ticket booths that you can find all over Leicester Square.


TIP: Shop around these ticket booths: Some offer better seats than others and also better prices! We visited four and the fourth one had the best price and seats.

We decided to see a show called The Last TangoΒ starring Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace. This was their final tour. Before seeing this show I really wouldn’t call myself a huge fan of dancing but my friend was dying to see it so when the lady at the ticket booth said it was 15 pounds each for Row C seats, (3 rows from the STAGE) we decided to go for it. Sure if we didn’t like it we only lost 15 pounds.

After we purchased our tickets we spent the rest of the day exploring London and then we went for a beautiful steak in Flat Iron Steak (Check more about Flat Iron here). We then headed to the theatre and our seats were absolutely fantastic! I absolutely loved every second of the show and wouldn’t definitely see it again. The dancing and singing was unbelievable, so beautiful.

So if you are heading to London and considering seeing a show I would definitely recommend checking out these ticket booths, they really do have great deals and the seats can be very good.


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