Travel Blogger scared of travelling?

Happy Tuesday everyone; I can’t believe next week is Christmas week where has December gone? I am in shock; I can’t believe in almost two months I will be starting my Master (GULP! Kind of scary). Scary is good right? Life is all about facing our fears and overcoming things that terrify us. That is exactly what I have tried to do this year. I absolutely love travelling and seeing the world; who doesn’t? There was only one thing stopping me; A fear of Flying! Kind of funny to think I am writing this blog on the flight home from Munich to Dublin? We are also currently experiencing horrific turbulence.


A fear of flying is extremely common fear; I wasn’t always afraid and used to love the rush of take off and the excitement of landing in a new country until one bad experience on a flight home from LA totally changed this. I can’t even remember the details I just remember getting an awful fright and thinking the plane was going to fall out of the sky. (Important to note I was about 13 at the time). Ever since that experience I was petrified to get on a plane and would cry and am be shaking like a leaf. This went on for many years, while I didn’t let it stop me flying my fear did get worse and worse. I wasn’t going to let it stop me so always had a few glasses of wine before a flight to calm the aul nerves. My poor boyfriend; I used to question every noise of the plane so must so he almost developed a fear. This time last year my auntie was flying to New York (working the flight, as she is cabin crew) I somehow managed to get a ticket and tag along to New York. It was a toss up between New York or letting my fear of flying stop me? NO WAY! In New York the whole Aer Lingus crew were in my hotel so I took this opportunity to ask the pilots all my ridiculous questions in an attempt to overcome my fear of flying. They were so kind and took the time to explain everything to me from take off, landing and turbulence. It definitely reassured me and I felt more at ease on the flight home. Since that flight I can’t even count on one hand how many planes I have been in. The job I am in does require a fair amount of travelling so I was going to have to overcome my fear somehow and am glad to say it does not stop be travelling. Imagine a blogger that blogs about travel scared of flying?

In the past year I have made a conscious effort to face this fear and relax more; Sure you are more likely to crash your car en route to the airport than anything to happen during the flight. We take a risk getting out of bed each day so this was a fear I promised myself I was going to overcome; Blogging from the sky? I am almost there right? Each flight means a new adventure and new place to tick off the list so I may always have small bit of pre-flight nerves but I will never stop me visiting a new destination.


What are you fears? I used to always think my fear was irrational but everyone is different and having fears are natural; Challenge yourself to overcome your fears day by day!


Irish Student x


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