Christmas Markets on a Budget


I cannot not believe that Christmas week is next week? Where has the month gone! As Christmas is approaching this means Christmas traditions new and old occur. A tradition in my household is we always go to the Christmas Markets. This was a tradition my Nanny started many years ago and I used to always go away with her. While she was my Nanny, she wasn’t your typical Nanny she was such a beautiful woman inside and out so it was more like a friendship. After my poor Nanny passed away a few years ago this has been a tradition I decided to keep up. Normally I go to Berlin as it is my favourite City of all times but this year I went with my Auntie and we visited both Munich and Salzburg.

Visiting Berlin Christmas Markets on a Budget

Flights: Both Ryanair and Aerlingus fly to Berlin: There are two airports but they are both a similar distance from the city so just go with the cheaper option. Flights between 80-120 depending on when you book- (May get cheaper than this). Click here for flights


Hotel Gat Point Charlie- If you are looking for a hotel in a fantastic location I would highly recommended Gat Point Charlie. Breakfast is included in the rate. I stayed here and have recommended this hotel to so many people who have been delighted with everything from the location, price and service. Its a basic hotel with great service and even better location. Check it out here

In Berlin you will find some fantastic Christmas Markets: After visiting both Munich and Salzburg this year I will definitely be returning to Berlin next Christmas for the Markets. Check out the wide range of Markets in Berlin here

Food and Drink

If you can’t tell already; I am a huge fan of Berlin! Berlin is like any other city you will find a vast range of restaurants to suit every budget-

Breakfast: Included in Gat Point Charlie

Lunch: Grab yourself some a German Hot dog and Mulled wine while exploring the markets approx. 10euro total

Dinner: One of my favourite places was the Italian restaurant right beside Gat Point Charlie- Grab yourself a pizza and a glass of wine for approx.. 12-15 per person! (so reasonable and delicious). If you fancy trying some traditional German Cuisine you can check out Maximilians a restaurant that services typical German Cuisine! I would highly recommend popping in for a German Beer .

If you haven’t visited Berlin already; I would highly recommend adding it to your list of places to visit and if you can go at Christmas time you will get to see the city and enjoy the Christmas vibes and Markets.



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