Top 10 Stocking Fillers

Christmas week has arrived and it is going to be a mental one. Running around getting those last minute presents, trying to avoid the mad traffic and then trying to get everything wrapped? ABSOLUTE MADNESS! Here are some great stocking fillers you can buy online:

  1. Pom Pom Key Ring from ASOS
Screen Shot 2016-12-19 at 16.10.05.png
Photo Credit: ASOS

These key rings are all in and while they look beautiful they will definitely ensure you can find your keys easily! You can buy online here for 9.33 euro

2. Glitter Phone Case

Screen Shot 2016-12-19 at 16.12.34.png
Photo Credit: ASOS

We all love to Sparkle and Shine. This gorgeous gold sparkly phone case is the perfect stocking filler for her and at only 5.33 it won’t break the bank while it still looks expensive and beautiful. Buy this beauty here

3. Travel Tote

Screen Shot 2016-12-19 at 16.14.53.png
Photo credit: ASOS

We all need a sturdy staple travel bag to get us through those weekends away and short city breaks. This girly tote is so cute. For 13.33 what a bargain. Buy here

4. Cocoa Brown Goddess Collection


We all know how amazing Cocoa Brown Tan is and if anyone has tried any of the Goddess Oils you will know they are amazing. This little set is a perfect stocking filler. You will get all the Goddess Oils including the Ice Goddess. For only 14.95 on and if you use the code “IRISHSTUDENT” at the checkout you will get a further 10% off.

5. L’Occitane Christmas Ball


I absolutely love how cute this Christmas Ball is. A perfect Gift for a stocking filler or for a Kris Kindle. For only 12.00 on and again if you use code “IRISHSTUDENT” at the checkout for a further 10% off.

6. The Happiness planner


I am absolutely dying to get my hands on this Happiness Planner for 2017. They keep selling out which is an amazing sign and makes me want it even more. This planner will help you to set goals, start the day with an inspirational quote, practice self-reflection and have gratitude. An absolutely amazing gift. A bit on the pricey end at 49euro but I definitely think it would be worth it. Use code “IRISHSTUDENT” at the checkout for a further 10% off. Buy the Happiness Planner here

7. Purcell and Woodcock Candles


You can never go wrong with a candle and these candles smell amazing. These candles are handmade and look so pretty. They come in a variety of smells so you will find one to suit your taste. 16.00euro each and are available at . (Use IRISHSTUDENT for 10% off.

8. Pink Fizz Cocktail Candle

I saw this and Instantly fell in love? How amazing is this?  Perfect for any girl who will fall in love. So pretty and glam. With a burn time of 10 hours! 14.95 and available here. Discount code: IRISHSTUDENT for 10% off

9. Jo Browne Solid Perfume


Recently I was in Meaghers Pharmacy and came across these Perfume Sticks. They are made of Bee’s wax and smell absolutely amazing. You simply roll it on. Perfect to throw in your hand bag for on the go. 18.00 and Available here . Discount code: IRISHSTUDENT

10. Declare Face Mask


Everyone needs a little TLC every now and again; The same applies to our skin. After the cold month’s of winter and the festive season we all need to look after our skin. This Declare Mask will do just the thing. I am so fussy when it comes to Face Masks and after the lovely Joanne from Meaghers Pharmacy recommended this I haven’t looked back. This Face Mask is so good and really does rehydrate your skin. For 29.95 you can buy here. Discount code: IRISHSTUDENT

Happy Shopping!

Irish Student



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