Christmas is coming

christmas pic blog.jpg

It is Christmas Eve Eve and I am finishing work today for the holidays. Finishing work for Christmas is so stressful and busy so I am looking forward to being done and dusted and can enjoy the Christmas holidays.

What will the Irish Student be doing for Christmas?

Christmas is a very special time in my household. Every family has different traditions; In our family, myself and my dad always go shopping on Christmas Eve to get some last bits for Christmas day, we then have a breakfast/coffee together something I look forward to every Christmas. On Christmas day we wake up and Santa still arrives in our house even though we are all adults- we open presents and have a family breakfast and enjoy the day. This year, Christmas dinner is taking place in our house.

Christmas is such a special time to me and I love spending it with all my family. It’s always a hard time for those who have recently lost a loved one and this may be their first Christmas without them or for others it will always be hard remembering loved ones who aren’t with us. I read a beautiful blog post today about ways to remember people at Christmas which might make things a little easier. Read Niamh’s blog post hereΒ with some beautiful ways to remember those who aren’t here this Christmas.

Thank you to everyone who has supported the Irish Student in 2016 and 2017 will bring some exciting things for the Irish Student.

Merry Christmas


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