2016: A Review


Happy Wednesday guys!

It is hard to believe in a matter of days we will be saying goodbye to 2016! This year has gone so fast in someways. Not a great year with the amount of celebrity deaths we had. Each year I do love to set myself some Goals to achieve and with that brings about some challenges. Who doesn’t love a challenge?

This time Last Year I was doing an Internship and applying for Masters- one masters in particular I wanted was MSc. In Marketing Practice in Smurfit Business School here in Dublin. Here are the Goals I set last year and let’s take a look and see if they were achieved.

Internship becomes full timeΒ 


One of my main goals was to be kept on after my Internship ended; And lone behold I was offered a full time role until I started my Masters. A fantastic year and a great company to work for- the experience I have gained has been second to none. Contracts signed and a year later I am still here until February when I will start my Masters.


This time last year I was applying for Masters and ensuring my personal statement was top notch to get me through to the interview rounds. I had been accepted to a Digital Marketing Masters but I wanted to hold out for Smurfit and see if I would get a place. In August; the offers came out and I was delighted to be opening an envelope and get offered a place to start in February 2017.



Many people who have been following The Irish Student since the beginning will know I absolutely love to travel. Travelling and seeing the world is really the only thing we can buy that can make us richer; So this year I decided to take every opportunity I could and travel. As many know I am starting a Masters in February which is pricey, but travelling doesn’t have to be expensive- you don’t need to stay in the Ritz Carlton when you travel and its all about being savvy with when/how you book. When I set this goal; I decided it didn’t have to be abroad it could be a trip within Ireland and

So this year alone I managed to get a few trips in; Some have been with Work but many I have planed myself!

  • Sicily
  • Gran Canaria
  • London
  • Kerry
  • New York
  • Back to London
  • Paris
  • Belfast
  • Liverpool
  • Back to London Again!
  • Munich
  • Salzburg
  • Sweden
  • Amsterdam (I will be there for New Years)


Get Fitter

Another goal was to become fitter- and this year I made a more conscious effort to go to the gym and get in to a routine. I play a lot of tennis so you will often find me on a tennis court when I am supposed to be going to the gym; So this year was a successful year for tennis and the gym! Next year I have a few fitness Goals I want to achieve like doing more running and possibly a triathlon but we shall see πŸ™‚

Be Happy

Out of all the Goals I set this is the most important. People often focus a lot about achieving their goals but if your not happy everything else is irrelevant! So focus on being Happy as well and the rest will fall in to place.

For me 2016 has been a great year and lets hope 2017 will be even better with some new goals and new challenges to face. Always be proud of how far you have come and all you achieved!

What New Year Resolutions did you set for 2016? Did you achieve them? Share in the comments below.






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