Let’s talk New Years Resolutions


Christmas is over and everyone is talking about plans for New Years and with that comes New Year’s resolutions. If you missed my earlier blog post about a review of 2016 you can check it out here. This New Year’s is slightly different as I will actually be in Amsterdam, a great way for me to ring in the New Year and Welcome 2017.

Each New Year’s like everyone else I set Resolutions, both big and small. For me it isn’t the only time of the year I set new goals and challenges for myself. Many argue it doesn’t have to be a new year or week to set goals just start immediately and I completely agree. For me, 2017 is going to bring some changes as I will be returning to college to do a masters so for me each year I do set myself personal and career goals. The way in which we live our day to day life today is extremely busy so things change and obstacles get in the way so I always review my goals and see how I am getting on; It’s the way I work best so always write down a few goals and resolutions. Nothing major.

Get my Masters

This time last year I was saying get my post grad in Digital Marketing and now that I have that it is time to add another notch to the belt and get my Masters.

Learn a new language

In the last few years I have really wanted to learn German or Italian; I love to travel so having another language will definitely be a good skill to have. Even if I can just order a coffee or say hello it will be more Italian or German than I have now.

Get Fitter

This sounds like such a boring resolution and one that everyone sets; We all know the gym’s make a fortune in January and will be packed but this is a resolution I set each year. This time last year I was heavier than I am now and very unfit. Last year I wanted to improve my tennis and fitness and this time next year I will be fitter and you may see me in Wimbledon; (Joke!) but I do want to improve my tennis yet again.

Travel some more

Travel was a huge goal of mine last year and it is still on my list this year; This year I want to see more of Ireland such as the Cliffs of Moher, The Burren and just explore cities I haven’t been to before within Ireland.

Be Happy

Most important resolution of all- Be happy! Life is extremely short and fragile so always look after your happiness.

Here’s too 2017

Irish Student



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