Visiting Amsterdam

Happy New Year everyone!

If you were following me on Instagram or Snapchat over the last few days you will have seen that I was in Amsterdam for New Years. Amsterdam is a place I have never been too and it certainly was on the list of things to do.



On Thursday we woke up at 3am to catch the 6am flight to Amsterdam (I always wonder why I do this to myself, but there was a huge difference in the cost). We are all boarded and waiting to take off when the pilot tells us we are slightly delayed due to bad fog in Amsterdam and he will update us shortly; It all went down hill from here. He said the delay could be anything up to 3 hours so, better get off the aircraft. Once we were all off the aircraft we found out the flight was in fact was cancelled because Amsterdam Air Traffic control weren’t accepted any incoming flights until at least 11. So at this point we had no idea when we were going to get to Amsterdam. Eventually they told us all to line up and to cut a long story short there was 6 places on the next flight and we were number 5 and 6 in Line so thank god we got on the next flight which while it was delayed it wasn’t cancelled and we landed in Amsterdam 3 hours later than expected but we got there.

After a fantastic weekend in Amsterdam here are some top tips and recommendations if you are planning a trip to Amsterdam.




Booking accommodation:

When booking accommodation in Amsterdam we looked at various sites such as, trivago and trip advisor. We left it very late to book especially for New Year’s so the prices were crazy so we decided to opt for an Airbnb. This worked out extremely well for us. The Airbnb we got was absolutely beautiful (my Airbnb here) our host was so friendly and gave us so many tips about getting around the city. Our Airbnb was located a few stops outside central Amsterdam but with the public transport in Amsterdam it was super easy to get around.


We flew Aerlingus: 6:10 (EI602) out to Amsterdam and then 2:35pm (EI607) back to Dublin. Aerlingus was the cheapest direct flight in comparison with Ryanair. Use Skyscanner to compare flight prices here.


Things to do:

Here are some of the things I got up to while in Amsterdam. If you like Museums there are many Museums to look at so do your research before heading. I love using Google, TripAdvisor and reading other travel blogs.

  • Heineken Museum
  • Dam Square
  • Anne Franks House
  • Red light District
  • River Canal Cruise
  • Typical “Coffee houses”
  • Van Gogh Museum



Transportation in Amsterdam

When we landed in Amsterdam we were absolutely wrecked after our cancelled flight and then all the delays so instantly we opted to take a taxi simply for convenience. They have Tesla Taxi’s which are so cool; so if you are taking a taxi definitely take the opportunity to take a Tesla ride.

Trains/Trams- Amsterdam have such great transport system which will get you all around the city. They have both regional trains and trams both which offer great tourist tickets for short periods of time.

Regional train information here

GVB train (this is the tram system which we used mostly). Top Tip- these tickets can be used on the Red hop on and Hop off bus so don’t buy a tour ticket as this is a cheaper option to get the tour bus. A one day tram ticket with unlimited usage is 7.50 and for 48 hours it is 12.50.

Taxi’s- This is an expensive transport option; so definitely look at using the trains or tram lines which will get you to your destination much quicker and also cheaper.

Top Tips:

  • Book all your tours in advance which will allow you to fast track the lines. The Heineken Museum line was 1.5 hours for this without a ticket so I highly recommend booking all tours in advance. 
  • If you want to get the hop on and hop off bus your GVB tram ticket will work on this bus. 
  • If you are travelling in winter, it is absolutely freezing so pack hat, scarves and gloves to stay warm.
  • It was extremely busy while I was there so definitely keep an eye on your bags and packets while walking around the city Centre.


If you have any tip tips feel free to share in the comments below! 🙂 Happy New Year everyone.

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