Joining a gym on a budget

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That time of year again where every one has set their New Years Resolutions and many consist of getting back to the gym and being healthier. The gyms are jammers and those you don’t have a membership yet are joining gyms! Dublin has so many great gyms at exceptional prices that you really don’t need to damage your bank account to join a gym! I am sure everyone bank accounts are quite dehydrated after Christmas and New Year’s. I did a post about this before but I decided to do another one in case any prices have changed since my last post. Here are some top gym’s to join on a budget in Dublin.



I am sure you have heard of the good aul Flye Fit gym’s that are popping up all over Dublin! FLYE fit is a low cost 24 hour gym! I have tried and tested this gym and it has everything you need. Its a quite basic gym but if your nipping in to get your sweat on and back out again who needs more?

Gym membership starts at 29euro per month for access to one gym or if you want a roaming membership (access to all gyms) its 32euro per month. There is a 25 euro joining fee. As far as I am aware you can cancel at any time so you are not tied in to a contract. So if you forget all about your fitness goals by the end of January no need to panic you can still cancel.

FLYE Fit website here

Ben Dunne

Another gym that prides itself on affordable gym membership with various gyms around Ireland and the UK! If you are looking for a swimming pool you will find various Ben Dunne Gyms do have a swimming pool so do your research. The prices vary per gym but per month for Cherrywood gym is it 19euro per month and again you are not signed in to a contract. Absolutely fantastic value! Joining a gym does not have to break the bank.

Ben Dunne website here

Westwood Gyms

If you are looking for a bit more than a a basic gym membership Westwood gyms may be what you are looking for. Westwood gyms have tennis courts, squash courts, restaurant, swimming pool and of course a great gym! More pricier and you are bound to a contract but they do have a student membership deal and also off-peak packages! Once you join one Westwood you can access them all which really is handy.

Westwood website here

Top tips:

  • Get a day pass so you can try the gym before you join!
  • Join with a friend or family member so you can motivate each other. 
  • Book a gym induction and get a programme so you know what you are doing and don’t injure yourself! 
  • Get in to a routine of going to the gym! 

Do you recommend any other great value gyms in Dublin? Share in the comments below!

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