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Health and Medical issues are not topics that I discuss here on the Irish Student that much; Over the past few years I have suffered from ongoing medical issues with digestion and mainly my stomach and pancreas. I recently switched to a fantastic professor in Vincent’s Hospital which is the centre of excellence for Pancreas and Liver problems so I was delighted to find this consultant. In addition to this I always felt very unwell after Dairy products so I had suspected a possible food intolerance. I didn’t want to cut anything out without having test results to back up that I should avoid this food group all together as I do strongly believe in a varied balanced diet.

Researching Food Intolerance Testing

There are so many places that offer Food Intolerance tests but for me I wanted to make sure it was a reputable clinic. A family friend had recommended the Fitzwilliam Food Clinic and If you follow Jen from Nutty Nutrition she also recently went here. After a quick chat with Jen and the recommendation from our family friend I knew Fitzwilliam Clinic was the place to go.

Booking an appointment:

After all my research the next step was to call and make an appointment. I spoke to a very kind lady, Sheila. Sheila explained the test, expected result time and follow up. It was recommended to include a varied diet up until the test day.

The test

The Food intolerance test itself is simply a finger prick test. Painless. The blood is then sent off to a lab where to analyse the IG4 part of your blood against the various foods. Ig4 is produced when our body reacts badly to a food and is trying to fight off the particular food. The lab will analyse the data and rank your intolerance by minor, moderate and severe intolerance.

The resultsΒ 

I got the Intolerance Testing done on Christmas week so of course the lab was going to be closed over Christmas so I had to wait until yesterday to get the results. On average it is about 2 weeks for the results. Yesterday, Martin (who founded the Fitzwilliam Clinic) discussed my results with me and explained another with a score of 30 or higher is a severe intolerance and unfortunately for me I have a few extremely severe intolerances.

  • Dairy: With a score of well over 130 this certainly is a severe intolerance and a food group I need to cut out immediately. No milk, cheese, cream, ice-cream or butter. Anything that contains dairy I must avoid. No ice-cream? On the plus side it might be good for my waist line.
  • Eggs: With a score of over 100 this is a severe intolerance as well. I eat eggs almost everyday so this is certainly going to be a tough one.
  • Wheat: Yet again another extremely high score! Have to cut out wheat; Won’t be too hard since my mom is coeliac we always have gluten and wheat free options in our household. In work, lucky for me I work for BFree Foods which a range of bread products free from Gluten, Dairy, Wheat, Eggs, Soy and Nuts :).
  • Yeast (Brewer’s yeast): This one really took me by surprise because I never once suspected this. Brewer’s yeast is found in beers and wine’s. In recent times due to ongoing stomach issues I completely avoided spirits because I thought they would be extremely harsh on my stomach so always opted for a nice wine! Only to find out I can’t drink wine anymore!

I did have another minor intolerances but they are minor so won’t have to be cut out of my diet.

What happen’s next

As you can see all the intolerances above are classified as extremely severe so it was recommended I cut them all out for a minimum of 3 months and see how I feel. After 3 months you can implement foods back in and see how you react. If you react badly well it really is better to keep them out of your diet unless you are willing to suffer the consequences.

Over the next few days I will be researching alternatives and trying out dairy, egg, wheat and yeast free products. If you want to hear how I get on let me know and I will be more than happy to share my journey. I will be doing a Free From Giveaway on Instagram this week so be sure to follow @Irishstudent on Instagram to be in with a chance to win!

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