Receiving a Surprise Package


If you have been following me on Snapchat or Instagram for the last while you will know I have my favourite places to shop for certain things, Meaghers Pharmacy being one of them. For the last couple of years myself and my family have been loyal customers of Meaghers, in particular the store on Barrow Street because it is beside my dad’s office so very convenient. I would often snap chat in Meaghers because they always have great deals and one of my favourite things is the huge bottles of L’oreal shampoo for 5euro! Such a bargain.

This year at Blogger conf one of the speakers was Oonagh O’Hagan, Owner and MD of Meaghers Pharmacy. Oonagh not only owned the room but shared her story about how she grew a successful business. I got chatting to both Oonagh and Joanne (Oonagh’s sister) at Blogger Conf and I have never met such kind genuine people! They both had heard of the Irish Student too (YAY!). I loved Meaghers Pharmacy before blogger Conference but to hear Oonagh’s story and reasonings behind the way Meaghers do things it made me love it even more (if that was possible).

Last week Meaghers asked me could they send me a package and on Friday I received the most amazing package from Meaghers. I have tried and tested all of the products so here is my opinions and how you can get your hands on these items.

Style Pro 

When I was showing my mom and sister this they were absolutely fascinated by it. We love to do our make up and have all the brushes that the make up artists recommend but let’s be honest who has time to clean them and let them dry? I certainly don’t. Even my boyfriend say’s aren’t you meant to clean your brushes? It is just such a chore. So on Friday evening when I opened the package had home and set up the Style Pro I spent the evening cleaning my make up brushes, my sisters and my moms! AMAZING! I had heard so much on social media about people not being able to set up the style pro but it took about 3 minutes to set up and I was ready to go!

You can get the Style Pro on Meaghers Pharmacy for 65euro. If you have sister’s or house mates it is definitely worth splitting the cost. I actually don’t know what people did before this because I know I was really lazy when it came to cleaning my brushes!

Busy B Agenda 2017

Anyone who knows me will know I have a slight addiction to stationary! So when a 2017 agenda was in my parcel I was in heaven! I love to be organised and do write all my keep dates in a dairy. I have an agenda on my desk in work for important work deadlines, I have one for college and lone behold one for blogging. Without an Agenda I feel completely lost. So this Busy B’s Agenda is going to be my 2017 blogging agenda. It is really pretty and you can see below that you get a whole page for each day which allows you to also write down your goals for that day or even a to-do list. I hate when you only have a tiny space for each day.

You can buy this Agenda on Meaghers for 7.77! (Who doesn’t love a bargain!)

Declare Gift Set and Zoella Secret Mist Gift Set

In my beautiful package from Meaghers I also received a beautiful Declare Gift Set and a Zoella Mist Set! I am a huge fan of both Declare and Zoella. I use the Hydro Intensive Mask from Declare which is really good for rehydrating your skin. Its quite funny because I remember the very first thing I bought from Meaghers on Barrow Street was the Zoella Body Mist . I had never seen or heard of Zoella until I saw it in Meaghers and the body mist was divine and so affordable so of course I had to buy it. Even since then I kept shopping at Meaghers and continue to find new brands and great deals.

When I snapped about this delivery a few people asked me about the cup with ‘C’ on it. I did buy this cup myself, I actually bought one for my mom, sister and myself. I did get these from Meaghers before Christmas! You can get them here. People alway’s ask me about the shampoo from Meaghers so I will include these below also.


These L’Oreal Shampoo and Conditioner set says 9.99 on the website but you will always get them for 5euro each in store! They last at least a month (depending on how many people are using them) I always make sure to get there because a normal bottle of L’oreal will be about 3euro anyway!

A massive Thank you to Meaghers Pharmacy for my beautiful surprise it really made my Friday. I am in no way paid by Meaghers to promote them or write about them they just sent me a package which was so kind of them. Meaghers is somewhere I always shop for toiletries and make-up as I find them great value and a great range of stock. Meaghers also do a student discount of 10% if you are ordering online with the code “Irishstudent” so they do support students which I love and most importantly its an Irish company- I am all about supporting Irish.

You can check their website out here and they do have a massive sale on! (Don’t say I didn’t warn you)

Have you tired any of the products I mentioned above? If you have what is your opinion?

Irish Student


*All opinions in this post are my own! This is not a sponsored post!


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