Newgrange Stone Age Tomb


In my latest blog post I spoke about my Bucket List for Ireland.Β Last weekend I decided it was the perfect opportunity to start working through my list. On Saturday to the surprise of my boyfriend I told him we were taking a trip to Newgrange; He had been there as a kid but I had never been there before. I did some quick research about how to get there, ticket prices and opening times. Tourist attractions are usually extremely busy so I decided if we got the second last tour (2:45pm) it would be perfect and hoped to avoid the busy period.

We opted to drive to Newgrange as this was the easiest route for us. We arrived at Newgrange and it wasn’t too busy. We parked and made our way in to the ticket office and where they have a small museum as well which you can walk around. To actually go up to the Newgrange Stone tomb it is only by guided tour so you have to purchase a ticket. Good news is they do offer student tickets for approx. 3 euro depending on what you want to see i.e the exhibition centre, Newgrange or Nowth (another tomb). We solely decided to see Newgrange.

Top tip: We were extremely lucky it didn’t rain until we were leaving but do pack warm clothes/rain gear incase of bad weather.Β 

Truth be told I wouldn’t be a big history person but I found Newgrange extremely interesting. It is over 5,200 years old and is in Boyne Valley. Our tour guide told us that everyone thinks Newgrange is an Irish site but in actually fact it is Neolithic. There are two other similar tombs in Boyne Valley, Knowth and Dowth but for some reason Newgrange has become a huge tourist attraction and a World Heritage site.

The tour itself was only about an hour. During the tour you will learn about the history of Newgrange and you will even get to go inside the tomb where they will recreate the Winter Solstice.

We had a great day out and if you haven’t seen Newgrange I would definitely recommend a visit. It doesn’t even take the whole day. Time to plan some more trips for 2017!








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