The Art Of Public Speaking


If you have seen Obama giving a talk you will know he certainly knows how to command a room. Some may say that is because he is the President of the United States but others and myself included would say he it is because he is a fantastic public speaker.

Public Speaking is something I have always struggled with. I wouldn’t say I had a complete fear of it but I wouldn’t be confident in myself. Yesterday I did a one day Public Speaking course and I must say it was fantastic.

The Course 

Location: Pearse Street, Dublin. 

Cost: 95euro

More Info: Click here

This course was recommended to my dad and after much research I decided this seemed to be the best one out there. I also liked that it was one day, there is one you can do over the course of a few weeks but for me I wanted to do a one day course and then could have a look at further courses. So yesterday I was up bright and early to attend this course. I went along by myself (Much better to go by yourself than with a friend). Kathleen was the instructor for the day. We had to prepare a 5 minute presentation in advance of the course. In my group there were only 5 of us which was great we all got to get to know each other and give great feedback to one another. I’ll give you a bit more information about the course.

Why I did it? 

I decided to do a public speaking course because I just didn’t feel fully confident getting up in front of a room of people. I would always forget what I was supposed to be saying. So I decided to do a course to try learn some tips to cope with the nerves and of course to help improve my overall presentation skills. In Marketing presentations are a daily part of your role.

What did I learn? 

After we all introduced ourselves yesterday we got straight in to things and each had to give our 5 minute presentation that we had prepared. Our instructor filmed our presentation and this was used as a basis for improvement. I learned great tips about how to structure a presentation, breathing techniques to help your vocal cords so you don’t sound nervous or look nervous and the art of story-telling.

Would I recommend this course? 

A couple of my friend were dying to hear how I got on and without a shadow of a doubt I would recommend this course. However, there is no point thinking you are going to do this course and come out and be able to present like Obama; Everything you will learn in the course you will have to work hard to implement in to your meetings and future presentations. Today during my tennis match I even found myself implementing the techniques to calm my nerves during the match.

After completing the course I will certainly make a conscious effort to use these tips and tools in to role but what I learnt will be invaluable when it comes to starting my Masters. For anyone who gets extremely nervous or just wants to improve their skill set I would definitely recommend this course. Kathleen the instructor who is an actor by trade really is amazing and gave great advice. There is also an improver course I may look at doing down the line.

If you are starting college or in college it would definitely be a great skill to add to your CV or LinkedIn plus if you have to present in college it will certainly help.

For more information about Kathleen and the Flying Turtle Products School Click here.





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