Here’s too something new

In less than one month I will be finishing up my full time job and be embarking on a new adventure. Exciting yet nerve wrecking at the same time. Its not often I discuss my full time job on here or where will the Irish Student go next but here it goes.


I started in BFree Foods after I graduated from my undergraduate degree in UCD; Originally starting as an intern which coincided with my Digital Marketing course I gained a huge insight in to both traditional marketing and digital marketing. I quickly gained a full time role in BFree. After graduating from my digital marketing course I felt I needed more so began researching a master degree. One masters course always stood out to me in particular, MSc. Marketing Practice in Smurfit Business School. I began the process of writing my personal statement and truth be told I wasn’t even sure if I would make it to the next round. When I received a call to say I was through to the next round and would have to attend a group interview I was in utter shock to say the least. After almost 4 hours of a group interview I had no idea how to feel but was so glad when I sat in to my car! A huge sigh of relief that it was over. Did I do well? Did I screw it up? Truth be told I had no idea! A few weeks later I was invited to participate in an online assessment to test your reading skills, numerical and personality! A few days went by and next thing I knew I was on my way to a one on one interview- (GULP!). Each year this particular masters has two intakes, September and February. You can say which you would prefer but ultimately you get what you are given! I would have loved to start in September but equally I was happy to even get in! So a few weeks later, I was having an absolutely horrific time and was in hospital with stomach issues. I got discharged from hospital and came home to find a letter had arrived in the post- A letter from Smurfit Business School. A good day all around, out of hospital and a letter had arrived from Smurfit.


After a long process of personal statements and interviews I actually did it and got in! To say I was shocked was an absolute understatement; I was put through my paces like never before to gain admission to this masters. The process was one of the hardest processes I have even encountered. So I found out I was accepted in to the February intake which meant I could stay longer in BFree. (YAY!)

So in two weeks time I will be leaving my full time role in BFree Foods to embark on a new adventure. Leaving BFree full time for me is absolutely heart breaking. I absolutely LOVE my job there; Each day brings new challenges and adventures which is the nature of a start up but also the nature of BFree who is now widely available in so many markets. I could write a whole post about my love for BFree but I might bore you all! Most importantly i will miss the people I work with; While there are days everyone in the office is super stressed the team in BFree will definitely make it easier. I have so many friends that go to work because they have to but for me I genuinely LOVE my role in BFree and that is a combination of the product and of course the people! So while I will be leaving the office full time ( 😦 ) I will still be working part time for BFree. (Aine and Niamh, I’ll still be able to annoy you over email, no getting rid of me).

Over the next year I will keep you updated on my adventure! My one tip is, Do what you love and it will make getting up for work each day so much easier!

‘Do it with passion or not at all’


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