Back In Action


Hi everyone,

Happy Saturday! It feels like an absolute lifetime since I have blogged. Since starting my masters my life has been an absolute whirlwind. The last few weeks has brought some surprises of its own. If you have been following my social media channels, you will have seen I was in the hospital. I had surgery on my pancreas (Not fun!)

I have only just got out of hospital, (yesterday) and am hope relaxing. My surgery was meant to be pretty simple and straight forward with the usual risks of complications. Unfortunately, I was that small percentage that suffered severe complications and ended up spending 10 days in hospital, 3 of these days spent in an ICU unit. Spending this amount of time in hospital literally opened my eyes to how fragile and delicate life is. An ever bigger wake up call was when I turned 24 years of age and spent my day in a hospital bed.

birthday 24
Turning 24!


The cutest gift from my college friends!

I literally only wanted to come back on and say hello and that the Irish Student is back in action. Expect some exciting travel and tips coming over the next few weeks. Now that I have settled in to college and will be home recuperating, you will be feed up of all the new posts.

Goodbye for now,

Irish Student,



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