A journey of a thousand miles begin with a smile!

Over the past few months I have been researching and researching brace options in Dublin. As a teenager I did have train-tracks, when I was young there was no such thing as Invisalign. About two years ago my wisdom teeth grew and pushed up, knocking all of my teeth out of alignment again (GRRR!). My parents spent a lot of money on my teeth so I knew I couldn’t ask them to help me again so this time I was all on my own.

newpark clinic.png

Where to begin? 

For me, I have always had an awful fear of the dentist, which definitely made it harder to find an orthodontist that I felt comfortable with. The second issue was that I just started a masters, which entailed a lot of public speaker. As a public speaker I definitely lack confidence without adding a metal mouth in to the mix, which meant I was fairly set on Invisalign. So basically I needed an Invisalign provider that was an absolute expert in this area. This was not easy, there are so many dentists offering a cheap fix and it seems like such a good option, but for me this is a lifetime of investment.

Where too? 

I won’t bore you with the list of orthodontists I visited, but the one I felt the most comfortable (with my fear!) and was an expert in Invisalign was in NewPark dental clinic in Blackrock. Dr, Mairlin O’Donnell was an absolute lady, explained everything, I ever told her about my irrational fear, which she took very well! And I felt completely at ease.

Dr. O’ Donnell, explained all the types of treatment available from train tracks, to white braces to Invisalign. Invisalign is slightly more expensive than the other options but for me, I love the freedom of being able to take it out and the fact that it is INVISIBLE! I have loads of friends that have Invisalign and rarely notice their braces.

Tomorrow I will be heading to Blackrock for my first appointment, which consists of a hygienist appointment and a scan for the Invisalign. A 3D scanner allows the dentist to scan your teeth and produce your perfect smile, in addition to this Dr. O’Donnell will do some calculations on how to best manipulate your teeth and a few weeks later I will come back from the aligners. How easy does that sound?

The process itself certainly sounds easy but as a masters student saving up for this was definitely difficult. After getting the final quote from NewPark Dental I did all my calculations and saved hard to be able to afford my perfect smile (Cheesey! I know!). The dentist also requires a x-ray of your teeth and depending on where you go this costs anywhere from 50-100euro. If you read my previous post you will know I have been in hospital the past few days so a kind word with my doctor and she ordered the x-ray for me and they did it while I was an in-patient in Tallaght. They felt very sorry for me spending my birthday in hospital.

My Checklist when choosing a dentist: 


When I was doing my homework, I had a little mental checklist I went through which helped me decided on NewPark Dental Clinic.

  • Dentist expertise (Certifications, Are they on the Invisalign website, reviews online?:
  • Location (This might not sound like a big one, but you will need to make trips to the dentist, so this was definitely a factor for me):
  • Cost (A very important factor):
  • Dentist personality and how comfortable I was with the dentist:
  • Payment Plan:

NewPark dental ticked every box and more for me which is why I have decided to go with them and have my first appointment tomorrow. I have always been so intrigued in the process of Invisalign. I suppose, it is partly the fear of the unknown. I will keep you posted on my Invisalign journey and hopefully will have an improved smile after.

To visit their website click here 

Irish Student,





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