College Stationary Haul


From a young age I have always had a complete obsession with stationery. If there is notebooks or cute pens around, you will find me in that aisle. As you know, I started my masters in February which meant I got to stock up on Stationary. Every now and again when I need some motivation or when my supplies run low, I pop in to either Mr. Price, TK MAXX or Penney’s to stock up on some necessities that also look great.

My FiloFax



On the first day of my course we all got given a Filofax organiser and I must say this has become my life. Its just a simple black Filofax but all my due dates and plans are in here. I find the black is a bit boring so some nice stickers are a great way to jazz it up a bit.

Marble JournalΒ 

marble jorunal

Having a pretty journal to take notes in makes college easier. As part of my college course we are always taking notes during client meetings and classes so having something that looks good definitely makes it that bit easier. I am a big fan of Marble so absolutely love this journal from

Pencil Case

pencil case

I love to be organised so having a pencil case in my handbag ensures I have my highlighter, post-its and pens on me at all times, especially at client meetings, classes and during the day.

Nice Pens


I absolutely love to use different coloured pens to organise my filofax. I use on colour for assignments and another colour for the gym or client work.

These are just some of the top ways I organise myself for college on a daily basis. Let me know if you have any fun tips or tricks that you use to organise yourself for college.

Irish Student





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