Hi Everyone, I’m Chloe- The owner of Irish-Student.com

I launched this blog so I could share my top tips and tricks for those who are in college or those who simply like to do things on a budget. I was working as a Marketing Co-ordinator for a food company and absolutely love it. However, I decided to return to college to do a masters in Marketing practice in Smurfit Business School. Having a full time job and returning to college was definitely a change but I love it! One of my main passions in life is to travel and I strongly believe this can be done on a budget so on this website you will find my tips and tricks for traveling, studying and saving those extra few bob. All opinions on this are my own. The Irish Student does work with brands now and again but all brands I collaborate with I use and believe in.

Life can be so short so my motto is we have to enjoy it in three simple ways- Live, Laugh, Love ♡

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