4 Delicious Summer Drinks




With the weather in Ireland today hitting a scorching 26 degrees here are some delicious easy to make summer drinks for you to enjoy alongside your BBQ!

Cranberry Crunch



Ingredients: Cranberry Juice, Vodka, Ice and Lemon:

Gin and Elderflower Tonic

Gin and elderflower tonic.jpg

Ingredients: Gin, Elderflower tonic, Lemon and Lime.

Whiskey and Ginger

Whiskey and ginger.jpg

Ingredients: Whiskey, Ginger-ale and Ice!

White Fizz

white winnnnneeee

Ingredients: White Wine of Choice and 7up


Enjoy alongside a BBQ! Sit back, relax and enjoy the sunshine.

Irish Student



Saturday Morning Smoothies!

Smoothie.jpgOver the past week I have focused a lot on eating plenty of good food! As many of you will know I have been quite sick and have just had surgery so getting all the nourishment and good foods is so important to be at the moment! Another reason is summer is getting closer each day!

To kick start this Saturday morning here are some delicious smoothies to kick start your day!

Strawberry and Banana Smoothie


300g Strawberries

1 banana peeled

1/2 cup of honey

200ml of Almond Milk (or normal milk depending on your preference)

15g ChiaBia Chia seeds


Add all the ingredients in to a smoothie baker (I opt for a nutri-bullet) and blend until smooth.

Pour in to a glass and enjoy!

strawveerry and banana

Triple Berry Smoothie


600g mixed berries (Strawberries, raspberries and blueberries)

1 Banana

200ml Almond Milk

Chia Bia Chia seeds

200g Glenisk Greek Yoghurt


Add all the ingredients in to a smoothie baker (I opt for a nutri-bullet) and blend until smooth.

Pour in to a glass and enjoy!

glenisk pro yoghurt.png

Peanut butter and Banana Smoothie

Fionas nutterly peanut butter.jpg


1 Banana

1 Tbsp of Fiona’s Nutterly Nutritious Peanut butter (Or almond butter/peanut butter of choice)*

Ice Cubes

200ml Almond Butter


Add all the ingredients in to a smoothie baker (I opt for a nutri-bullet) and blend until smooth.

Pour in to a glass and enjoy!

*I recently picked up Fiona’s Nutterly Nutritious Almond butter at Wellfest and it is absolutely delicious and is available in SuperValu stores.






Ever hit that slump and all your motivation to hit the gym and stay on track has vanished? You are not alone, we have all been there! Getting back on track is easier said than done but over the past few weeks I have found some ways to get that motivation back!

Buy some new gym gear to get that motivation back!



I recently invested in some near Gym Gear from Millie & Gym! These are super affordable and very comfortable. I love the bright colours definitely makes going to the gym fun!

Follow some Fitness YouTubers


This is one of my favourite things to do both when I am in the gym and not in the gym! I follow so many Fitness YouTubers such as Nikki Blackketter and Kara Corey just to name two. Following these people really help keep the motivation going as they show you their workouts, what they eat in a day and what they do when they fall off the band wagon! Its so refreshing to see that these Fitness people do also go through the same struggles we do also!

Do some Gym Classes

les mills

The Gym I go to offers a wide range of gym classes such as Body Pump, Body Attack, Body Balance, Spinning, Yoga, Pilates, HITT classes and many more. When I lose some motivation and find myself getting lazy I always try do some classes. During the 45 minute classes you will push yourself and won’t be able to slack off like you could if you were in the gym on your own.

Remind yourself of your goals!


This is something I never did until recently! It was recommended to me that you start each day by writing down your goals for the day and how you are going to achieve them! Make your bigger goals in to small goals that are achievable throughout the day! When you feel like have that extra cookie or not sticking to your gym plans all you have to do is take a look back at your main goal and how these smaller goals are going to contribute to you achieving that goal!

These are some of my tips that I am trying to implement in to my daily routine over the next few weeks! Summer is 12 weeks away so I am trying to stay on track with my nutrition and exercise! For me, summer also not only means holidays but it is also when all the big tennis tournaments start so I want to be in top shape for all the tournaments!

Have you any top tips for staying on track or getting your motivation back?

Irish Student


Current Netflix Faves


Happy Wednesday!

You may have noticed over the past few weeks the Irish Student has been very quiet, unfortunately I have been ill and in the hospital. Fear no more, The IRISH STUDENT IS BACK! While being sick is terrible and so boring it meant I had more time to catch up on Netflix as there is nothing else to do while you are in hospital except sleep and watch Netflix!

Here are some of my faves on Netflix at the moment! These are in no particular order 🙂

Gilmore Girls

gilmore girls

Orange is the new black

orange is the new black





Stranger Things

stranger things

Gossip Girl

gossip girl

These are some of my current faves! If you have any recommendations please share them! 🙂

Irish Student


De-stressing mid-week!

As you know I have recently started a pretty intense masters so getting a bit of down time is very rare. Taking some time out to de-stress and relax is something I am trying to focus on a lot more. There a few things I try to do all the time like eating a healthy balanced diet and going to the gym but I also try to do!

Here are some of my top things I try to do to unwind and de-stress! If you are in work or college these are some things you can try implement in to your weekly routine!



  1. Switch off from your college/work email and listen to come music 


I love to switch my phone on to aeroplane mode and blast some music! I find it so relaxing and an easy way to just switch off. If you are in to dancing dance along. I definitely cannot sing or dance but that doesn’t stop me!

2. Have a bubble bath 


Who doesn’t love having a bubble bath? I am a huge fan! A few candles, some bath bombs and you will be left feeling super relaxed! One of my favourite places to pick up some beautiful bath scents is Lush! You can smell it a mile away. If your body is feeling sore from the gym throw in some Epsom salts and you will feel instant relief.

3. Go for a walk 


After a long day of work/college it really is hard to be motivated and go for a walk but once you get out in the fresh air you will instantly feel better. I try to take the dog to our local park or go down to the seafront. Walking by the sea is one of my favourite things to do, I find it so peaceful. At the weekends when I have more time I will do a bigger walk and of coffee stops are necessary after a weekend walk!

4. Netflix

laptop 1

Over the last few weeks I have really enjoyed putting Netflix on and putting something on that is easy to watch! Some of my favourite things to watch on Netflix are Riverdale and Gossip Girl! So easy to watch! A cup of tea and some netflix after a long day is heaven! I often will throw on a face mask while watching Netflix.

These are just some things I have found really helpful over the last few weeks. The start of my masters was extremely stressful and the small things really do make a difference. Let me know if you have any other suggestions of how to de-stress or unwind!

Irish Student


Applying for a masters or post-graduate course!


Are you finishing college this year and deciding which masters to apply for? Or not sure what you want to do when you are finished? It really is such a nerve wrecking decision and don’t worry I have been there. When I was in final year I was 90% sure of the masters I wanted to do; but I also wanted to be 100% sure. I decided to apply for a post-graduate course and gain some experience in the marketing field to help me get from 90% to 100%.

 Find the course you are interested in!

Take as much time as necessary to make sure the course is right for you! Book a campus tour or schedule a meeting with the course director, there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing that. This is your education that you are making an investment in so make sure the course is right for you.

 Look up the requirements for admission

Are there any particular requirements for the course you are applying too? For my digital marketing course you need 3+ years experience (I didn’t have this so had to write a personal statement and letter to the course director!) If you don’t understand any of the requirements call and ask!

 Take note of application deadlines

This is really important, make sure you are aware of the application deadlines! You don’t want to miss it and have to wait another year.

 Know the process

For my masters the application process was extremely daunting. It started with a personal statement and you could provide any additional information you felt necessary; For this I attached references from my work place and also from lecturer’s from my undergraduate degree. The more you provide the better, in my opinion.

Following on from the application process you would be called for the group interview stage; if you were successful you would complete an online personality test, numerical test and a literacy test. If you got through all of those obstacles you would then be called for a one on one interview. The whole process was extremely nerve wrecking and daunting but I somehow survived.

Each course will have various processes to get in so make sure you find out what you will need to do after the initial application.

college 2.jpg
 Money, Money, Money!

MONEY! The thing us Irish people don’t like to discuss to often. I strongly feel education is an investment that will stand to you so while the masters I am doing is extremely expensive; I see it as an investment. Before you accept your place, take some time to look at your financial situation. Calculate the cost of the course itself and then you will need to see if you can work during the course/masters or if you need to save to take a year out of employment. The course itself may be 10,000 but you may require an additional 10,000 to survive the year. AIB do some great student loans with low interest rates so there is various options out there to get you through college.

college 3.jpg


Tomorrow, I start my Masters in Smurfit. I still don’t know if I am excited or nervous but it is the start of a new adventure for the Irish Student. Last year I did a post-graduate course in Digital Marketing and then during that I started the application process for my Masters. Any questions about applying for different courses ask away! It is quite a daunting process so don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Irish Student





Skin Care On A Budget


Hi Everyone!

Happy Thursday, Hope everyone is having a great week. Hard to believe yesterday was the 1st of February? Where did January go. Each month brings new goals and exciting adventures. For the Irish Student the last week has been a whirl wind of emotions. As you may have seen on social media I finished up my full time role in BFree foods, I found this extremely difficult after a year and a half working there; but not to worry I will still be working there part time! On Monday I will start my Masters in Smurfit which is also quite daunting in itself. With all these emotions and such a busy week my skin hasn’t been the best but over the past few months I have really found skin care products that work for me. In the past I have tried multiple potions and lotions in order in find a product that would suit my skin, from expensive to average price I couldn’t seem to find ‘the one’ until recently. Over the past few months I have found 4 products that I absolutely love. I am a firm believer in investing in skin care products. Your skin is like the front door to your house or shop, you always want it looking it’s best, same applies to your skin we all want it looking fresh and youthful.


Image Clear Cell Cleanser

This one is definitely on the pricier side. I think its about 35 euro a bottle. I invested in this when my skin was at it’s worst. I just couldn’t seem to shift my spots and my skin had got quite oily. I found a clinic that did the Image Skin Care range and got a free skin consultation and this was recommended to me. Within 1-2 weeks I began to notice a huge difference. My skin actually felt clean and fresh after using this. I still use this twice a day, morning and evening.


Image Oil Free Matte Moisturiser with SPF

When I got the consultation they recommended I get a moisturiser with SPF. I have always heard people talk about how important having a moisturiser and foundation with SPF is vital for your skin but to be honest I never took much notice until they explained the importance of it to me during my consultation. This moisturiser is oil free which really suits my skin. The Clear Cell cleanser can make your skin dry so having a good moisturiser is key. Again, this is slightly pricier but the bottles are a decent size and last a while. I would always prefer paying a bit more for a skin care range that will work. The price of this product is around 35euro also.


Garnier Pure Active Gel 

I found this a month or so before I started using the Image skincare range. I picked it up in Superdrug for about 5euro so it is cheap as chips. I absolutely love to this. It did help clear my spots but just not to the same extend as the Image Cleanser did. I keep one of these cleansers in my gym bag for after a workout or a tennis match and I also keep one in my shower at home. It has Salicylic acid which is apparently great for getting rid of spots. It really does make your skin feel super clean and after using it for months and months I can definitely say it works for my skin.




My local pharmacy actually recommended this cleaner to me a while ago. It is really affordable and I found it really hydrating after I was travelling a lot and had such dry skin and I also found it helpful when I was suffering from oily skin. It is really gentle on the skin and is fragrance free which is great for my sensitive skin.

These are my favourite skin care products at the moment. While they vary in price I definitely don’t regret investing in the Image skin care as it really has cleared my skin. Have you used any of these products? 🙂 Or do you have any recommendations for me, share below!

Irish Student